Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap for 30 seconds prior to cleaning or touching your piercing.


-Clean your piercing with antibacterial soap (unscented and dye free) in the morning and rinse well.


-Afternoon and night time soak your piercing with Saline Solution.


-Clean 2-3 times per day. Do NOT over due it, it will cause a longer healing process & irritation.


-Avoid rotating jewelry & touching piercing.


-Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bactine, etc to clean your piercing.


-Do  NOT submerge your piercing into any pools, spas, oceans, lakes, etc.


- Swelling, bruising, bleeding, tenderness, discoloration, itching, secretion of white-yellowish fluid is normal.

Oral Piercing

-Rinse and gargle with alcohol free mouth wash after every meal.


-Clean piercing with antibacterial soap (unscented and dye free) and Saline Solution as listed above. (lips, labrets,

 medusas, cheeks, monroes, etc.)


-Do NOT drink beer/alcohol during the healing process. May cause yeast infection and/or other infections.


-Smoking may lead to an infection and longer healing process.

In the event of an infection, call your physician immediately.

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